PrismTech Announces the Release of OpenSplice DDS Commercial Edition version 6.2

Boston, MA, USA – September 4, 2012 – PrismTech is pleased to announce the release of OpenSplice DDS Commercial Edition v6.2. New features include Streams, Gateway v1.2 and DDSI2E.

Streams-API allows high volume periodic updates of data transport with minimal overhead and maximal throughput.

Gateway v1.2 is an enhanced version of OpenSplice Gateway and introduces dynamic QoS mediation to enable run-time manipulation of the quality of service with which data flows between input and output endpoints.

DDSI2E is an enhanced version of DDSI2 networking service offering better determinism and scalability whilst maintaining interoperability with other DDSI implementations and also supports optional encryption of data.

The new features are commercial add-on products available for 30 day evaluation download here.