PrismTech Launches the Spectra Virtual Appliance a complete pre-configured SCA 2.2.2 Development System and Operating Environment

Allows Software Defined Radio developers to quickly and easily evaluate the complete Spectra product suite

Boston, MA, USA – March 05, 2013 – PrismTech™, a global leader in standards-based, performance-critical middleware, today announced the general availability (GA) of the Spectra™ Virtual Appliance, a pre-configured Software Communications Architecture (SCA) 2.2.2 Development System and Operating Environment (OE).

PrismTech’s Spectra Virtual Appliance consists of an Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Operating System and a pre-configured bundle of the latest versions of the Spectra CX graphical SCA modeling tool, Spectra Core Framework (CF) radio management framework and Spectra Common Data Bus (CDB) middleware.

A number of sample SCA waveform application examples that showcase the Spectra software stack are also included.  It is also an excellent way to help understand key SCA concepts.

The key benefits of the Spectra Virtual Appliance include:

  • Complete bundle of the market leading SCA development and deployment technologies
  • No need to download and configure individual Spectra products in order to evaluate the full SCA stack, this has already been done for you
  • Provides a complete Software Defined Radio (SDR) development system and SCA 2.2.2 Operating Environment (OE) that can run on an x86 General Purpose Processor (GPP)
  • Number of pre-built SCA waveform example applications provided including source code for each component and Spectra CX models
  • SCA platform provided including GPP Executable Device and AudioPortDevice
  • Supports leading VM players including Oracle Virtual Box and VMware

The Spectra Virtual Appliance is an excellent introduction into PrismTech’s extensive line of software products and services targeting SDR and SCA OEMs, system integrators and independent software vendors.

“If you are new to the SCA or PrismTech’s Spectra product suite then the Spectra Virtual Appliance can help to get you up to speed really quickly,” said Andrew Foster, Spectra Product Manager, PrismTech.  “Understanding the technologies and concepts required to develop SCA applications is complex.  By creating the Spectra Virtual Appliance we have tried to minimize the initial getting started issues users can encounter.”

To download an evaluation of the Spectra Virtual Appliance please visit PrismTech’s website at:

An introductory video to the Spectra Virtual Appliance can also be viewed in the Spectra YouTube Video Resources at: