Discover Vortex Insight: Situational Awareness + Operational Intelligence in real-time.

Large scale systems of systems are exponentially increasing in complexity, as the Internet of Things grows and develops. Utilizing Vortex Insight can allow you and your project to be ahead of the curve when it comes to achieving true operational intelligence.

Monitoring your DDS system powered by Vortex is simple and provides many benefits:

  • Reduce the time to identify the cause of problems in both a system under development or a deployed system
  • Reduce the need to send technical support engineers on site to identify problems in a deployed system
  • Monitor and manage a system from any location and on any device (with appropriate web browser support)
  • Monitor nonfunctional properties of the system in order to optimize its performance
  • Provide real-time operational intelligence and visibility in a deployed system through detailed statistics and alerts

Vortex Insight’s ability to Monitor, Detect, and Manage a Vortex system makes it an incredibly useful tool for drastically reducing overhead in system maintenance. By providing a runtime view of a system, along with a configurable dashboard, Vortex Insight enables a single easy-to-use source to quickly view the health of a system. Additionally, Vortex Insight can be configured to provide real-time alerts for abnormal resource usage to quickly detect system malfunctions.

Finally, Vortex Insight enables QoS configuration on-the-fly to enable fine tuning of a live system without having to shut the entire system down for maintenance. Combined with the web-based thin client GUI and documented REST API, Vortex Insight can be utilized from almost any device with a browser – enabling truly portable & accessible system management.