Vortex Café : Power + Portability combined for “write once, run anywhere” data connectivity.

PrismTech features Vortex Café on its latest video. The only pure Java™ implementation of the OMG’s Data Distribution Service (DDS) that enables seamless, efficient and timely data sharing across multi-core machines, mobile and embedded devices, Vortex Café is optimized for Android OS and J2SE Java™ Virtual Machines (JVMs). It combines the benefits of the Java™ programming model with real-time data sharing enabling users to bring next generation Internet of Things (IoT) applications to market more quickly. Vortex Café is the first real-time peer-to-peer middleware infrastructure designed for mobility whilst enabling seamless interoperability with existing DDS systems. Vortex Café brings the benefits and productivity advantages of the Java™ programming language such as “write once, run anywhere” portability and programming efficiency, combined with the real-time data sharing performance and Quality-of-Service (QoS) control required by industrial and business-critical IoT systems.

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PrismTech Announces Vortex, the Intelligent Data Sharing Platform for the Internet of Things

Vortex enables real-time data sharing between smart phones, browsers, embedded devices, corporate servers and cloud services

Boston, MA, USA – March 27, 2014 – PrismTech™, a global leader in software platforms for distributed systems, today announced Vortex™, the intelligent data sharing platform for business-critical Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

Vortex provides efficient, secure and interoperable real-time Device to Device (D2D) and Device to Cloud information sharing.  It is a key enabler for systems that have to reliably and securely deliver high volumes of real-time data with stringent end-to-end qualities-of-service (QoS).

Vortex enables an IoT global data space with over 20 configurable Qualities of Service (QoS) to ensure the performance, efficiency and robustness required of business-critical systems.  It helps system integrators, OEMs, device platform vendors and Cloud service providers deliver ‘Smart’ solutions for many vertical markets, including: Healthcare, Energy, Transportation, Smart Cities and Industrial Automation.

The Vortex platform includes components to connect mobile devices (Vortex Café), connected sensors and machines (Vortex Lite), Cloud services (Vortex Cloud) and enterprise systems (OpenSplice™). Any or all of these components can be acquired as part of various Vortex bundles.

The Vortex family comes with a complete set of tools in support of the systems development and management tasks (e.g. for configuring, testing, optimizing, monitoring and recording system behavior) and provides a rich and open API for integration with other IoT application platform technologies (such as IDEs, Java EE application servers or analytics engines for example).

The Vortex product family is planned to be generally available in June 2014.  The availability of Vortex will not affect PrismTech’s OpenSplice users other than offering them the upgrade potential of adding Vortex capabilities to their current systems.

“We are convinced the IoT offers distributed systems experts like PrismTech the best growth opportunity in a decade,” said Steve Jennis, SVP Corporate Development, PrismTech.  “As such, we have invested heavily in Vortex over the past several years to be first-to-market with an intelligent data-sharing platform that connects all the end-point applications of an IoT system in real-time: mobile people, smart machines, tiny sensors, enterprise / cloud applications (including data analytics) and legacy applications.  Vortex provides the performance, agility and robustness required by business-critical systems, while allowing integrators to exploit the cost and ubiquity benefits of the Internet, the Cloud, smartphones and tablets.  OEMs and systems integrators that need to deliver superior end-to-end system performance will greatly appreciate the value-add of the Vortex data-sharing platform and its tools.”

Further information about Vortex will be detailed in a live Webcast delivered by PrismTech’s CTO on April 9, 2014.  Registration for the Webcast is available at: http://www.prismtech.com/webcast-signup.

Detailed information about the Vortex platform including an interactive demo is available from PrismTech’s website at: http://www.prismtech.com/vortex.