PrismTech Appoints SYM Software as New Turkish Distributor

Will distribute PrismTech’s market leading (open source and commercial) OpenSplice DDS real-time middleware within TurkeyStirling, United Kingdom and Ankara, Turkey — January 7, 2013 — PrismTech™, a global leader in standards-based, performance-critical middleware, today announced that it had appointed SYM Software as its new Turkish distributor.  Under the agreement SYM Software will distribute PrismTech’s market leading (open source and commercial) OpenSplice DDS real-time middleware within Turkey.

SYM Software was founded in 2006 by a group of researchers from the Eskisehir Osmangazi University Computer Engineering Department.  As experts in distributed systems (especially middleware), SYM Software has a business focus on sectors including Government, Defense, Telecommunications and Transportation.  The company has particular expertise in mission- and business-critical infrastructures and provides data-driven architecture implementation solutions and consultancy services including Big Data and Analytics.

Since its foundation, SYM Software has provided services to a broad spectrum of industries and projects including:

  • RFID sensor network middleware implementation for Railway Logistics,
  • Software defined radio (SDR) implementation for a Defense project,
  • Data Distribution Service (DDS) based middleware implementation for a Mission-Critical Infrastructure,
  • PACS/DICOM middleware implementation for Healthcare Industry,
  • SMS/MMS VAS Gateway for Mobile Telecom Industry Company.

SYM Software will distribute PrismTech’s OpenSplice DDS product suite within Turkey.  OpenSplice DDS is a leading implementation (commercial and open source) of the Object Management Group™’s (OMG™) Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems specification.  OpenSplice DDS addresses the data distribution requirements of the most challenging mission- and business-critical systems such as Air Traffic Control and Management, Defense Command and Control Systems, Automated Trading Systems, etc.

“PrismTech is very much a leading company in DDS, CORBA® and SDR technologies and we are very honoured that they have selected our company as a distributor,” said Ekrem Aksoy, CEO and Founder, SYM Software.  “We strongly believe that the addition of PrismTech’s OpenSplice DDS will be very synergistic and complementary to our existing product and services portfolio.”

“The Turkish market is rapidly growing and has great potential for our products particularly in its defense and aerospace sectors,” added Andrew Lloyd, SVP OpenSplice Business, PrismTech.  “SYM Software has extensive expertise in performance-critical middleware technologies and will be a perfect fit for us within Turkey.”

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PrismTech Announces Global Launch of OpenSplice DDS v6

OpenSplice DDS v6 introduces major innovations to help customers realize the full potential of DDS while reducing project risk and cost

Boston, MA, USA — November 02, 2011 — PrismTech™, a global leader in standards-based, performance-critical middleware, today announced that the Global Launch of OpenSplice™ DDS v6 will be on November 3 2011.

OpenSplice DDS v6 is a major leap forward in Data Distribution Service (DDS) software.  It is the first DDS product that introduces configurable support for both library-based and shared memory clustered deployment options providing customers with unparalleled architectural flexibility and control over performance, scalability and fault tolerance.  This means that users can simply select the option that best suits their system – when they best know the characteristics of their system – so greatly reducing project risk and ultimately cost.

OpenSplice DDS v6 also includes further major innovations:

  • Multiple programming paradigms e.g. Pub/Sub, Distributed Object Caches and Client/Server,
  • New productivity and run time tools.

One of the first customers to benefit from OpenSplice DDS v6 has been the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) who have been using it for a major upgrade to the control system at the massive Grand Coulee Hydroelectric Dam project.  Grand Coulee is the largest power plant in North America, fifth largest in the world, with a total generating capacity of 6,809 megawatts via four different power houses containing 33 hydroelectric generators.

Dave Brown, Chief Architect of the Generic Data Acquisition and Control System (GDACS) for the US Army Hydroelectric Design Center, commented “Around two years ago we selected DDS as the real-time publish/subscribe messaging middleware for the dam upgrade program, convinced that it was the right technology for our needs.  OpenSplice DDS met all our rigorous performance and acceptance criteria.  We went with the library based version of OpenSplice DDS v6 because of our need for an application solution that is simple to deploy.  The Grand Coulee Hydroelectric Dam project uses about 150 computers which makes ease of deployment very important to us.  Although we do not currently use the shared memory deployment model in our architecture we are encouraged in knowing that OpenSplice DDS v6 provides a stable, uniquely switchable shared memory option should we desire to change our architecture characteristics.”

“To sum up: PrismTech provided us with a toolkit product – not consulting; their people listened, understood our unique application needs and supplied us with a DDS product solution that enabled us to deliver a state-of-the-art distributed control system.”

Andrew Lloyd SVP OpenSplice DDS commented “The release of OpenSplice DDS v6 is further evidence of PrismTech listening to its customers needs and responding with great innovations.  OpenSplice DDS remains the most flexible, complete, and widely used (commercial and open source), implementation of the Data Distribution Service (DDS).”

Coflight Consortium Selects PrismTech’s OpenSplice DDS Middleware for Next Generation European Flight Data Processor

Coflight LogoATC Global 2010, Amsterdam, The Netherlands — March 09, 2010 — PrismTech™, a world leader in high-performance software platform and integration solutions, today announced that the Coflight Consortium headed by THALES and SELEX-SI has selected its OMG™ Data Distribution Service implementation, OpenSplice™ DDS, to power its next generation European Flight Data Processor (FDP).

Coflight is developing the most advanced FDP in the world, applying leading-edge technologies and methodologies to improve safety, performance and to extend the operational capabilities of current Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Air Traffic Management (ATM) Systems. Coflight is also the first FDP to enjoy an open architecture funded over Standard and Open Source middleware technologies to guarantee the long-term extensibility, scalability and availability of supply.

The selection of OpenSplice DDS came after an in depth evaluation of the various DDS-compliant implementations on the market using very stringent performance, availability, safety and robustness criteria imposed by ATC and ATM requirements. OpenSplice DDS will be used extensively throughout Coflight to distribute Flight Data Plans within subsystems, among subsystems and across Coflight installations in France, Italy, and Switzerland. Coflight will be operationally deployed by 2014/2015.

“Coflight is impressive in both its scale and mission criticality. It will significantly contribute to the safe and efficient movement of millions of people across increasingly congested European skies,” said PrismTech’s CEO, Keith Steele. “Coflight’s choice to go with OpenSplice DDS shows once again the unique ability of our technology to address real-time data distribution in large-scale complex mission- and business-critical systems.”

OpenSplice DDS is the most advanced, complete, and widely used (commercial and open source), implementation of the OMG Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (OMG DDS). OpenSplice DDS is particularly popular for demanding data distribution applications in vertical markets such as air traffic management, military systems, low-latency financial trading systems, and Real-time SCADA.

Further information about OpenSplice DDS is available at

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OpenSplice DDS CTO authors Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems Series for Dr. Dobb’s

Angelo Corsaro OpenSplice DDS CTOBoston, MA, USA – February 13, 2010 – PrismTech’s OpenSplice CTO, Angelo Corsaro, is authoring a new series covering the Object Management Group’s (OMG) Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS) in Dr. Dobb’s.

The first installment of the series focuses on what DDS is, why it represents an important technology you should learn about, and how it is being used today. It also make sure that those of you that can’t spend too much time away from a keyboard will get started coding their first DDS application.

The second installment examines DDS in depth, starting with data management.

Since 1976, Dr. Dobb’s has led the computer press in covering practical technology. Unlike many magazines and web sites that focus exclusively on a single platform, language, or even a single development tool, Dr. Dobb’s has 30 years of experience covering all languages, platforms, and tools. Dr. Dobb’s authors are professional software developers and architects who want to explore new technologies, argue over programming style, share tricks of the trade, and build world-class systems worldwide.

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