OpenSplice Community v6.4 Release

I’m delighted to announce that OpenSplice Community Edition v6.4 is now available to the Open Source Community. The new release is the most up-to-date OpenSplice Community Edition and is based on the OpenSplice Enterprise v6.4 code base.

The new release is in keeping with our revised Open Source policy that OpenSplice Community Edition releases will closely follow OpenSplice Enterprise Edition releases, providing the Open Source Community with access to the latest and greatest OpenSplice code base.

OpenSplice Community Edition v6.4 includes the following new features:

  • Significant performance improvements both in terms of latency as well as throughput making OpenSplice DDS v6.4 the fastest DDS implementation on the market (with end-to-end latencies over a gigabit Ethernet as low as 42 microseconds)
  • TCP/IP support for the DDSI2 networking service, enabling data sharing with a TCP/IP endpoint, for example an application running in a Cloud-based datacenter.
  • The first GA implementation of the new DDS ISO C++ PSM (API) available on the market. The new C++ API greatly reduces the complexity of developing DDS applications, and improves efficiency and safety.

In addition, numerous other updates and improvements have been made to the code base since the previous v6.3 release. These include performance and footprint improvements, bug fixes and robustness improvements.

For questions about OpenSplice Community Edition, please read our FAQ at:

Open Source OpenSplice Community Edition v6.4 downloads are now available from:

We believe that the latest version of OpenSplice Community Edition is the best Open Source infrastructure for data sharing in complex and large scale distributed systems. Please have fun trying it out and let us know your feedback!

The OpenSplice Community Edition v6.3 is Coming

I’m really pleased to announce that our very latest OpenSplice code base (v6.3) will be made available to the Open Source community on July 8 2013.

OpenSplice Community Edition v6.3 features many innovations and improvements:

  • DDS ISO C++ API: The DDS ISO C++ API is the new standard API for programming DDS applications in C++. This new API immensely improves usability, safety and efficiency along with feeling far more idiomatic to a C++ programmer. It is important to say that the DDS ISO C++ API draws most of its concepts from two Open Source projects that we have been running, namely simd-cxx ( and Escalier  (
  • Standalone Deployment. OpenSplice Community v6.3 introduces support for the stand-alone deployment mode which along with the latest DDSI v2.1 implementation, enabling a greatly enhanced ‘zero-configuration’ out-of-the-box experience.
  • Fixes and Improvements. Numerous improvements and updates have been made to the code base since OpenSplice v5.5 (the previous Community Edition release), including performance, footprint, robustness as well as  several bug fixes.

The FAQs available at should hopefully answer most of the questions about the new Community Edition release.

A Webcast covering the details of the release will be presented on July 30 2013.  To register for the Webcast please visit

Mark the July 8 2013 on your calendar and happy hacking with the new OpenSplice Community – I am sure you’ll love it!