Vortex Café : Power + Portability combined for “write once, run anywhere” data connectivity.

PrismTech features Vortex Café on its latest video. The only pure Java™ implementation of the OMG’s Data Distribution Service (DDS) that enables seamless, efficient and timely data sharing across multi-core machines, mobile and embedded devices, Vortex Café is optimized for Android OS and J2SE Java™ Virtual Machines (JVMs). It combines the benefits of the Java™ programming model with real-time data sharing enabling users to bring next generation Internet of Things (IoT) applications to market more quickly. Vortex Café is the first real-time peer-to-peer middleware infrastructure designed for mobility whilst enabling seamless interoperability with existing DDS systems. Vortex Café brings the benefits and productivity advantages of the Java™ programming language such as “write once, run anywhere” portability and programming efficiency, combined with the real-time data sharing performance and Quality-of-Service (QoS) control required by industrial and business-critical IoT systems.

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