Building Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Systems with the Vortex IoT Data Sharing Platform Webcast

Date: 24th September 2015
Location: Online

Why Attend:

  • Learn how companies are today using the Vortex IoT Data Sharing Platform to build autonomous and connected vehicle systems,
  • Understand the common data sharing requirements for autonomous and connected vehicles,
  • Learn about Vortex’s features that make it ideal for connected and autonomous vehicles.


Although Autonomous and connected vehicles may sound somewhat futuristic applications of the Internet of Things (IoT), the reality is that these systems are being built and operated today in special environments. The design of these systems pose some unique challenges due to the constraints imposed by the criticality of the applications and the heterogeneity of the deployment environments. To put it another way, autonomous connected vehicles should not crash into each other, nor into other vehicles, whilst at the same time have to deal with connectivity that changes depending on their location, e.g. connectivity in down-town San Francisco may not be the same as the connectivity experience in the Joshua Tree National Park.

This webcast will (1) showcase how PrismTech’s Vortex Data Sharing Platform based on the Object Management Group’s Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard is used today as the foundation of several autonomous and connected vehicles, (2) summarize the key requirements characteristic of these types of application, and (3) introduce the Vortex features that make it a perfect match for connectivity in autonomous and connected vehicle platforms and applications.

The webcast will last approximately one hour.

Webcast Presenter:

Angelo Corsaro, Ph.D. is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at PrismTech where he directs the technology strategy, planning, evolution, and evangelism. Angelo leads the strategic standardization at the Object Management Group (OMG), where he co-chairs the Data Distribution Service (DDS) Special Interest Group and serves on the Architecture Board. Angelo is a widely known and cited expert in the field of real-time and distributed systems, middleware, and software patterns, has authored several international standards and enjoys over 10+ years of experience in technology management and design of high performance mission- and business-critical distributed systems. Angelo received a Ph.D. and a M.S. in Computer Science from the Washington University in St. Louis, and a Laurea Magna cum Laude in Computer Engineering from the University of Catania, Italy.

Extend your DDS systems to Web, Cloud and Mobile Environments with Vortex

If you are currently using DDS (Data Distribution Service), then extending your system to leverage the benefits of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) has never been easier.

Compliant with the DDS standard and the DDSI interoperability protocol, PrismTech’s Vortex Intelligent Data Sharing Platform provides many capabilities not available from other vendors but required by next generation IoT systems.  These include cloud data sharing and WAN connectivity, support for Android devices and mobile environments, embedded device support, dynamic web browser application support and the ability to integrate DDS with a broad range of other IoT communication protocols and standards.

The Vortex platform includes:

  • Vortex Cloud extends the capabilities of a DDS system with support for data sharing over a Wide Area Network.
  • Vortex Café is the only “pure” Java DDS implementation specifically optimized for mobility and Android devices.
  • Vortex Lite provides real-time data sharing for severely resource-limited devices and sensors.
  • Vortex Insight is a browser-based, location-independent monitoring tool for DDS systems and systems-of-systems.
  • Vortex OpenSplice is a fully featured DDS implementation targeted for server-class (desktops, racks, etc.) platforms.

All of the Vortex technologies can work with and interoperate with existing DDSI compliant systems. If you would like to know more about how Vortex can be used to extend your system with new capabilities while protecting you previous DDS technology investments, >>> Find out more

OMG Launches New DDS Portal

Colleagues, I’m really excited about the Object Management Group’s (OMG) new DDS Portal. The portal is a collaborative effort between the OMG and key DDS stakeholders, including vendors such as PrismTech and is a replacement for the original portal that had been around for some time and that had started to become very dated. The updated portal has a brand new look and feel, improved structure and more importantly up to date content focused on DDS – the proven Data Connectivity standard for the Internet of Things.

The portal is designed to be used as resource hub for the DDS IoT community and will act a central point for information relating to DDS including: technical overview and benefits of using the DDS standard, uses-cases based on real IoT projects that are using DDS, a resource and vendor directory, DDS IoT news and events, plus links to the latest DDS related standardization work.

It is also important to point out that the plan is to make sure that portal keeps evolving. With support and contributions from both the DDS user and vendor communities we want to ensure that the portal becomes an important vehicle to promote the adoption of DDS in IoT world.

Please take some time to check out the new portal, I really think it’s a big improvement.


Angelo Corsaro, Ph.D., PrismTech CTO, DDS Special Interest Group, Co-chair

Steve Jennis on the latest OpenSystems Media “5 Minutes with…” interview

Open Systems Media EVP, Richard Nass features PrismTech Corporate Development SVP Steve Jennis on their latest segment of “Five Minutes with…” interviews.

Steve talks about getting the right data at the right place and time for maximum value, how to handle the mass amounts of data that the IoT can bring in and how the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) differs (and is similar) to the more well known consumer IoT.

“We help people to extract business value for the Internet of Things because its really the data that is the heart of the value add.. and getting the right data at the right time, at the right place so that applications or analytics – or end systems can perform their application magic on the data to generate new insights or optimization opportunities… or productivity opportunities,  create new services – it all depends on getting the right data to the right place at the right time” Steve Jennis said.

IoT Solutions World Congress 2015 Barcelona

PrismTech will be exhibiting its Vortex Intelligent Data Sharing Platform at IoT Solutions World Congress.
IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona Spain 2015
Date: 16th September 2015 to 18th September 2015
Location: Barcelona, Spain

The rise of the internet and advances in telecommunications, hardware and software have now given us the possibility to connect everything. According to predictions, there will soon be billions of objects; collecting, processing and sharing information on the net. Experts say that connecting the unconnected in the next decade will generate trillions of dollars. The Internet of things is opening up a new world of possibilities for society as well as creating infinite business opportunities for the IT industry.

But just how do we go about capitalising on all of this potential? How do we find out the real needs of different vertical markets? How do we contact key players and decision makers in each industrial sector? How do we present technological solutions in the most profitable, effective and efficient way? How do we transform the opportunities provided by the Internet of Things into real business?

The Industrial Internet applies “internet thinking” to industrial settings, covering the non-consumer side of the internet of things. It connects smart machines and devices and people at work, leading to better decision making through advanced analytics that result in transformational business outcomes.

A benchmark event

The Barcelona IoT Solutions World Congress aims to be the global benchmark event for the deployment of the internet of things systems in industry. The objective of this first edition is to attract 4000 visitors: 2000 to the conferences and 2000 to the exhibition area.

The event is aimed at cutting-edge technology companies who are developing Internet of Things solutions for strategic vertical markets. The objective is to pass on knowledge, implant best business practices across industries, generate leads, provide networking opportunities and improve company positioning in the market. The uniqueness of the event lies in bridging the gap between IoT systems and companies in key sectors, so as to raise awareness about the opportunities to create or reinvent business, or optimise current operations.

Target sectors include: manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, energy, hospitality, and public services, amongst others.

Further information about the conference is available at

IoT in Oil and Gas 2015 – Houston TX, USA

PrismTech SVP, Steve Jennis will be presenting on “The Potential of the IoT: How will it change our business lives”

Smart Industry Conference and Expo


Date: 16th September 2015 to 17th September 2015
Location: Houston, TX, USA

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing oil and gas. The era of lower oil prices is here – making it crucial for operating companies to focus on operational efficiency and resource utilization. Energy companies are increasingly looking at how to harness their data across their supply chain by connecting their “things” – the people, processes and assets. Huge investments have already made in technology across operations – now the key is to leverage these investments to create new efficiencies and cost savings.

This is the first conference in the world to focus on how oil and gas companies can use IoT to make their operations:

  • More efficient
  • More secure
  • More safe

This conference is the perfect platform for technology innovators to educate the market about how their solutions can be the panacea to their technology challenges.

IoT in Oil and Gas is not a talk-fest. It is not a series of product pitches. It is a outcomes-driven gathering of innovators and buyers that will focus on:

  • Real world case studies from operators and service companies already seeing the benefits of IoT.
  • One to one meetings and networking through our unique Conference Connect platform – before, during and after the events.

IoT in Oil and Gas will be focusing on the key areas of:

  • Big data
  • Cybersecurity
  • Automation
  • Real-time analytics
  • Industrial control networks
  • HSE and process safety

The conference is a must attend for technology, engineering and automation professionals wanting to keep pace with rapidly developing technology.

For further information about the conference including registration details please visit:

SVP Steve Jennis to present on Data Connectivity Strategies at Industrial Internet of Things Energy Summit

Jennis to provide analysis on Industrial IoT vs M2M and SCADA during the Industrial Internet Consortium’s June 23 event

Industrial Internet of Things in Energy Oil Gas Smart GridSteve Jennis, PrismTech’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, will be a guest presenter at the upcoming Industrial Internet Energy Summit in Houston, TX. Jennis will discuss “The Industrial Internet vs. SCADA and M2M – What’s different, what’s new and what you need to know.”

Coordinated by the Industrial Internet Consortium, the complimentary day-long Energy Summit is scheduled for June 23 at the Hewlett Packard campus at Lone Star College in Houston.  It features presentations by industry leaders who will discuss the impact and opportunities of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) in energy, including topics related to security, the digital oil field, preventing catastrophic failures through preventative maintenance, how to get started and case studies.

Open architecture IoT solutions offer the potential for the energy industry to move from single function and proprietary centralized managed systems to new multi-function distributed control systems.  They can enable coordination between grid-edge technologies and centralized systems, improving grid efficiency and reducing integration costs.  This enables vendors to improve their products and, ultimately, help customers pay less for the electricity they consume.

“M2M (machine to machine) and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) are relatively narrow, tactical applications compared to the potential of the Industrial IoT,” explained Jennis.  “Industrial IoT platforms, such as PrismTech’s intelligent data connectivity platform Vortex, provide the performance and capabilities needed to support turning data into insights and business value for every computing platform (legacy, edge, gateway, cloud) and across all domains (OT verticals, domain boundaries and generic IT services).”

Vortex is based on the Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS) open standard and builds on proven technologies to provide an efficient solution for device-to-device, device-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud Internet scale real-time data sharing.  It is a crucial enabler for systems that must reliably and securely deliver high volumes of data with stringent end-to-end QoS facilitating its ability to deliver the right information to the right place at the right time.

Information about the Industrial Internet Energy Summit is available at