The right communication gateway is key to enabling your path to IoT success

 The race for IoT domination is on. The IoT space is already filled with a vast array of technologies and protocols, making the choice of the right IoT communication gateway a fundamental requirement on you path to IoT success. Why ?

  • Expanding your system’s connectivity options is key to a leveraging the benefits of the IoT.
  • Communicating with system endpoints across networks and using different communication protocols is unavoidable.
  • Converting you data into the most appropriate format possibly for more sophisticated downstream processing will enable the right decisions to be made at the right time, unlocking new IoT insights and generating new business value.

If you are looking to develop a future-proof IoT system that is flexible and adaptable to changes driven by constant technological evolution, it is essential that you have a high-performance, extensible and configurable protocol integration framework that can transparently interoperate across different communication technologies.

Vortex Gateway addresses the problem of making data seamlessly flow across systems and technologies while adapting format, content, and QoS. It can used to integrate DDS-based systems with over 100 other messaging technologies, such as MQTT, AMQP, JMS, XMPP and DDSI-RTPS;  as well as integrating with Web Technologies such as W3C Web Services and RESTful Web Services and other with proprietary protocols.

Vortex Gateway is the only DDS-based mutli-protocol integration platform available in the market. It allows IoT systems to connect their devices and applications together independent of the underlying technologies used and also to leverage the many other great benefits of the full Vortex Product suite.

Make sure you’re on the right IoT path with Vortex Gateway.  >>> Find out more

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