IoT Solutions World Congress 2015 Barcelona

PrismTech will be exhibiting its Vortex Intelligent Data Sharing Platform at IoT Solutions World Congress.
IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona Spain 2015
Date: 16th September 2015 to 18th September 2015
Location: Barcelona, Spain

The rise of the internet and advances in telecommunications, hardware and software have now given us the possibility to connect everything. According to predictions, there will soon be billions of objects; collecting, processing and sharing information on the net. Experts say that connecting the unconnected in the next decade will generate trillions of dollars. The Internet of things is opening up a new world of possibilities for society as well as creating infinite business opportunities for the IT industry.

But just how do we go about capitalising on all of this potential? How do we find out the real needs of different vertical markets? How do we contact key players and decision makers in each industrial sector? How do we present technological solutions in the most profitable, effective and efficient way? How do we transform the opportunities provided by the Internet of Things into real business?

The Industrial Internet applies “internet thinking” to industrial settings, covering the non-consumer side of the internet of things. It connects smart machines and devices and people at work, leading to better decision making through advanced analytics that result in transformational business outcomes.

A benchmark event

The Barcelona IoT Solutions World Congress aims to be the global benchmark event for the deployment of the internet of things systems in industry. The objective of this first edition is to attract 4000 visitors: 2000 to the conferences and 2000 to the exhibition area.

The event is aimed at cutting-edge technology companies who are developing Internet of Things solutions for strategic vertical markets. The objective is to pass on knowledge, implant best business practices across industries, generate leads, provide networking opportunities and improve company positioning in the market. The uniqueness of the event lies in bridging the gap between IoT systems and companies in key sectors, so as to raise awareness about the opportunities to create or reinvent business, or optimise current operations.

Target sectors include: manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, energy, hospitality, and public services, amongst others.

Further information about the conference is available at

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