Vortex Live Demo at the IIC Information Session

Discover Vortex at the IIC Information Session

Spend an hour with PrismTech for an introduction to and live demo of Vortex, including a detailed Q&A session with our technical leadership.

  • Learn why we selected the DDS real-time pub/sub standard for Vortex and how DDS compares with other IoT messaging technologies (e.g. MQTT, CoAP, AMQP, REST, XMPP, etc.)
  • Learn how Vortex provides unprecedented levels of QoS (not just superior performance) ..system-wide
  • Learn how Vortex enables intelligent system-wide data-sharing independent of the underlying device platform (hardware, operating system, programming language and development environment)
  • Learn how Vortex Cloud enables both private and public cloud services, independent of cloud service provider
  • Learn how each Vortex component is specifically optimized for its deployment environment (e.g. Vortex Café a ‘pure Java’ DDS implementation for JVMs/Android)
  • Learn how Vortex Lite brings DDS to very-constrained devices but without sacrificing desirable QoS
  • Learn how Vortex Gateway provides seamless inter-operability with legacy systems and other protocols
  • Learn about Vortex Use Cases in applications such as: industrial automation, power generation and distribution, smart cities and healthcare
  • Learn how Vortex uses the DDSI protocol to support interoperability with pre-existing DDS implementations; therefore supporting upgrade potential for these to the Industrial Internet

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