PrismTech Adds SCA Modeling and Code Generation for DSPs to its Spectra DTP4700 Software Defined Radio Development and Test Platform

73rd Wireless Innovation Forum Working Meeting, Melbourne, FL, USA – November 02, 2012 – PrismTech™, a global leader in standards-based, performance-critical middleware, today announced added support for Software Communications Architecture (SCA) modeling and code generation for DSPs to its Spectra DTP4700Software Defined Radio (SDR) development and test platform.

PrismTech’s Spectra DTP4700 is an optimized, small form-factor platform with low power consumption which is ideally suited to the Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) constraints of next generation Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) SDR environments.  The DTP4700 is a Linux based platform that comes complete with the SCA 2.2.2 compliant Spectra Core Framework, CORBA®-compliant Spectra ORB middleware, and SCA platform device software.

Spectra DTP4700 platforms are fully supported by PrismTech’s market leading Spectra CX tool for SCA component modeling, code generation and compliance validation.

The latest v2.3 Spectra DTP4700 adds SCA modeling and code generation for DSPs to the product.  The Spectra DTP4700 FM waveform example has also been extended to utilize the TI OMAP c64x DSP.

“The award winning Spectra DTP4700 is being widely used within the SDR SCA community.  This new functionality will enable next generation SCA waveform development for applications requiring high performance physical layer processing,” said Andrew Foster, Spectra Product Manager, PrismTech.

Further information about PrismTech’s Spectra product suite is available from PrismTech’s website at

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