PrismTech Releases Spectra CX v3.3 Offering New and Unrivalled Levels of Productivity for SDR Developers

New Waveform and Platform Modeling, Testing, and Code Generation Features Simplify, Accelerate and Validate SCA Developments

Boston, MA, USA — June 14, 2011 – PrismTech, a global leader in standards-based, performance-critical middleware, today announced the General Availability (GA) of the latest release of its Software Defined Radio (SDR) Software Communications Architecture (SCA) model-driven architecture and development (MDA/MDD) tool, Spectra™ CX v3.3.  Spectra CX v3.3 provides many new features which help to simplify accelerate and validate SCA-Based Development.

Spectra CX is a key part of PrismTech’s fully integrated Spectra suite of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) tools, middleware, core frameworks, and development platforms for SCA developers.  Spectra CX is a MDA/MDD tool that supports complete round-trip SCA engineering; allowing the developer to start developing application code immediately with highly-productive requirements, modeling, code generation, code validation, and deployment assistance features.  This results in faster time-to-market, lower costs, better software quality, and superior compliance for all SCA waveform and platform code developed with Spectra CX.

Spectra CX v3.3 upgrades its UML platform from IBM® Rational® Software Modeler (RSM7.5) to IBM® Rational® Software Architect (RSA8).  IBM RSA8 provides Spectra CX v3.3 users with new RSA, productivity improvements and broader UML technology support.

Spectra CX v3.3 also provides the following specific improvements for SCA developers:

  • Modeling of Classes with generation (of C++),
  • Support for modeling Services, and Inter-node Connections,
  • Shared library support,
  • Improved SCA Unit Test user interface and support for generation of a platform-specific TargetLoader allowing for on-target unit testing.

“Spectra CX allows developers to easily develop, test, validate, and deploy new SCA waveforms without the need to become experts in numerous and complex SCA-related technologies,” said Mike Williams, Spectra CX Product Manager.  “These new features will further cement Spectra CX’s position as the leading best-in-class COTS model-driven development tool for SCA developers.”

Further information about Spectra CX is available from PrismTech’s website at:

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