PrismTech Appoints Dr. Vince Kovarik as Chief Technology Officer for Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Highly respected member of SDR industry to provide technical leadership for PrismTech’s Spectra products and services

Vince Kovarik Software Defined Radio SCABoston, MA, USA — August 24, 2010 — PrismTech™, a global leader in standards-based, performance-critical middleware, today announced that Dr. Vince Kovarik has been appointed as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for SDR. In this senior role Vince will provide technical leadership for PrismTech’s Spectra™ SDR products and services.

Vince is a highly respected figure within the global SDR community and has been involved in ground-breaking SDR and Software Communications Architecture (SCA) technology development for well over a decade. He is co-author of the book Software Defined Radio: The Software Communications Architecture which provides applications programmers, designers, professional researchers, wireless manufacturers and operators with an indispensable guide to the SCA. He is also a contributing author on ‘Cognitive Research: Representation and Learning’ in the book Cognitive Radio Technology. He has also presented numerous papers at technology leadership conferences on SDR related subjects.

In addition to his technical publications, Vince’s resume includes leadership roles in many successfully deployed, real-world, SDR projects and products, including:
• Technical product manager for the Domain Management ToolKit (dmTK®), one of the first SCA-compliant COTS products. dmTK was launched in 2000.
• Leading the software team that successfully inserted DARPA XG Dynamic Spectrum Access technology into the Harris Falcon III tactical radio, and the subsequent field test at the US DoD’s Yuma Proving Grounds.
• Chief Software Architect for the Command and Control system for the Iridium satellite Ground Control Segment.

Vince has 30 years of experience in software and systems development including: large-scale distributed systems, object-oriented design and development, unified modeling language (UML), and systems modeling language (SysML).

Vince holds a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and George Mason University, respectively, and a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida.

“In addition to his undoubted technical expertise, Vince has also demonstrated time and time again his ability to deliver real-world SDR and SCA solutions. So we’re all delighted that he has chosen to join PrismTech,” said Steve Jennis, SVP, Corporate Marketing and SDR, PrismTech. “We are confident that Vince’s expertise will add immense value not only to our SDR technical strategy, but also in helping our customers successfully utilize our Spectra products to build SDRs with state-of-the-art functional and reconfigurable capabilities, while also achieving optimal size, weight, power and cost.”

“PrismTech has gained a high reputation within the SDR industry for both the quality and innovation of its SDR solutions. Its Spectra products are leading the way in delivering the ‘SCA Everywhere’ vision. I very much look forward to joining the SDR team and contributing to its further success,” added Dr. Kovarik.

Further information about PrismTech’s Spectra SDR products and services is available from our website at:

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