PrismTech Announces Spectra CX version 3.2

Complete Round-Trip SCA Engineering – Requirements, Model, Validate, Generate, Develop, Execute, Test

Boston, MA, USA — May 20, 2010 — PrismTech™ an acknowledged leader in Software-Defined Radio (SDR) infrastructure solutions, today announced the General Availability (GA) of the latest release of its model-driven development (MDD) tool for radio developers, Spectra™ CX v3.2.

Before the advent of MDD tools like Spectra CX, developing Software Communications Architecture (SCA) applications software was too complex, too expensive, too time-consuming, and forced developers to become experts in numerous SCA technologies; when all they wanted was to develop, test, validate, and deploy new SCA waveforms.

Spectra CX v3.2 is a best-in-class COTS model-driven development tool that supports complete round-trip SCA engineering; allowing the developer to start developing application code immediately with highly-productive: requirements, modelling, code generation, code validation, and deployment assistance features. Spectra CX v3.2 provides a round-trip engineering experience, where the model stays the source of the project throughout the full life-cycle of development.

The bottom line is greatly enhanced SCA developer productivity, code correctness and quality; leading to faster, lower-cost development cycles and lower product maintenance costs.

To support the launch of Spectra CX v3.2 PrismTech has also announced SpectraSDRTube, the home of video-on-demand demonstrations of Spectra CX being used to develop SCA-compliant SDR code. At launch SpectraSDRTube contains five short videos (see below), and more videos will be added in due course to highlight new features and benefits.

“PrismTech is very pleased to announce the v3.2 release of Spectra CX,” said Steve Jennis, SVP Corporate Development, PrismTech. “Spectra CX v3.2 delivers new levels of productivity for SCA developers and is rapidly becoming an indispensible tool for many of our SDR OEM customers. Its ability to deliver productivity benefits across the complete development lifecycle is being discovered and exploited by more and more users, and this is placing Spectra CX at the very heart of their tooling strategies. As such we are working closely with our customers to add even more innovative features to Spectra CX in future releases.

Spectra CX is already clearly the #1 tool for SCA development and yet many users are still learning how to exploit its full capabilities. Our simultaneous announcement of SpectraSDRTube is part of our plan to accelerate that education process and bring the full benefits of MDD to the whole SCA user base as quickly as possible.”

Further information about Spectra CX is available from PrismTech’s website at

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